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Principals Welcome

A Message from the Principal

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”

These lines written by W.B. Yeats’, are as significant to education today as they were when first written many years ago.

At. St. Joseph’s College, Summerhill, we strive to equip our students with a first-class, all round education within an inclusive and supportive community. By focussing on improving standards our students learn to be independent, valued citizens who will develop their abilities to the full. The characteristic spirit of the school is to inspire our students to aim high, set goals and take ownership of their own learning.

Our pupil-centred, academic approach to teaching and learning is complemented by a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities, designed to provide students with the social and creative skills needed for a successful career and fulfilling life. St. Joseph’s College is truly committed to progressive teaching methods and continuous professional development. Our smaller classes allow staff to interact individually with each pupil, addressing their learning needs and stimulating their curiosity, as appropriate.

Our school environment is one in which the teacher’s role goes far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. In addition to pastoral care and continuous professional development, our teachers bring their own individual expertise and skills to bear on the extra-curricular activities, thereby enhancing the holistic educational development of each pupil.

St. Joseph’s College retains a justified reputation for high quality education, where success is celebrated. We encourage responsibility, a desire for excellence and love of learning in our students. This is reflected in the wonderful atmosphere in the school and the excellent results achieved by our students.

Liam Nally, Principal


School Mission Statement

St. Joseph’s College, Summerhill is a centre of learning, where all students are enabled to develop their talents in the pleasant, natural environment under the guidance of a caring, dedicated, professional team.

While preparing towards academic excellence, our students are encouraged to develop a sense of their own worth and of the contribution they can make to the wider community.

Aim of School:

To foster the full educational development of each student, academic, spiritual, physical, emotional, creative and social. Our school should reflect local, national and European values in keeping with the aptitudes, interests, and aspirations of all our students within a Christian framework.

To develop in the student the Christian values of respect, tolerance, justice and concern for others.

To create and maintain an environment, which will enable all students to realise their full potential, including those with particular needs.

To foster co-operation between management, staff, parents, pupils and the local community.